paleo empanada

Paleo oxtail empanadas

You can have your Paleo empanada and eat it too! As you may have noticed I’ve been playing around with yuca lately. What makes yuca so compelling is it’s ability to make and bake into a perfect dough. This revelation has me experimenting with making Paleo versions of my favorite non Paleo dishes. Empanadas are […]


Cherry chutney with tilapia & cabbage

CelebratE the sweetness of summer with cherry chutney Fresh cherries are only around for a short time so I tend to go a little crazy during cherry season. As delicious as they are when they are raw, they taste even better when you cook with them. I thought that a piece of flaky white fish […]


Okonomyaki and weird things I ate in Japan

OkonoMyaki: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Five years ago, on a trip to Japan, I met and fell in love with a Japanese egg dish called Okonomyaki. Okonomyaki was the not the weird thing that I ate in Japan. It’s just an egg and veggie pancake with lots of flavor. In fact, in Japan it’s considered […]


Chia “super” cereal with matcha & carob

High fiber Chia Cereal to get things moving A few decades ago chia seeds were a bit of a joke. They conjured up images of sheep with sprouted green wool. Don’t you remember the Ch-ch-ch-chia pet? If not, here’s the video to remind you/introduce you to this fad of yesteryear. You might know that these […]


Paleo focaccia

My favorite type of bread has always been focaccia. AND My Paleo Version Was PURE Accident. Foccacia is a fluffy Italian bread, thicker than pizza dough but similar in taste and texture. It is typically made with high-gluten flour, oil, water, salt and yeast and flavored with fresh herbs like rosemary (bake in or sprinkled […]


Butternut squash mac n cheese (dairy optional)

A dairy and pasta-free alternative to mac n cheese Imagine if you or your kids could have a mac n cheese experience while still getting a double serving of veggies? My version of mac and cheese replaces elbow pasta with broccoli slaw and the “cheese” sauce is made from butternut squash, onions, Pancetta (Italian bacon) […]


Zucchini boats and 5 more zucchini recipes

Zucchini boats and More If you think versatility is sexy then meet my friend the zucchini. You might have been set up on a blind date with zucchini when it came in your weekly veggie box delivery and weren’t sure what to do with it. Or you’re in a zucchini rut serving them the same […]


BLT Caesar salad & my favorite Paleo croutons

Welcome to my salad heaven Caesar’s salad is my favorite salad. I always order it when I go out to eat. But when you eat out you never know what you are getting. Traditionally Ceasar is made with olive oil but some places use an inflammatory oil like canola or canola mayo because it’s cheaper. […]


Cauliflower rice pudding and other veggie desserts

Cauliflower rice pudding You may know that cauliflower is the Paleo replacement for rice. I’ve made lots of savory Paleo¬†dishes with cauliflower rice like stirfries, sushi, curry and pizza. But one of my favorite non Paleo desserts is rice pudding. If you think like me then you too would try to make dessert out of […]


Sriracha cole slaw with homemade mayo

Spicy Napa cabbage coleslaw: a new SPIN on A CLASSIC SALAD Mayonnaise was the last non-Paleo food I gave up when transitioning back to Paleo. Before that I ate Vegenaise made with grapeseed oil because I thought it was healthy. Then I discovered that even grapeseed oil was inflammatory. This blew my mind. I knew […]