Easy Paleo egg rolls

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!What Kelly Bejelly  (from A Girl Worth Saving) doesn’t know, is that I’ve followed her popular blog and enjoyed her comfort food recipes before we met this summer at a Paleo conference. She’s genius at taking non Paleo comfort foods […]

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Paleo granola

Banana maple cashew granola

Oats are a gluten-free grain that everyone thinks is healthy. But if you’re Paleo, you know better.  Grains (with possibly the exception of white rice) are not our friends. Besides you don’t need oats to make amazing granola. Shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, nut butter and dried fruit make an impressive granola. You won’t miss the […]

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Cashew cream cupcakes

I’ve always loved cheese cake and these mini cashew cream cup cakes is the best dairy-free substitute I’ve tasted for the real thing, thanks to the creaminess of the coconut cream and the tang of the lemon juice used in this recipe. This no bake recipe is so easy a child could make them. But […]

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paleo biscuits

Zenbellly cookbook review and easy biscuit recipe

Despite my love of cooking and the Paleo diet, I don’t usually buy Paleo cookbooks. I’m not that great at following the instructions in recipes. Ironic, I know. However, sometimes a cookbook comes along that’s hard to resist, like Simone Miller’s Zenbelly Cookbook. What makes Simone’s recipes so Zen? She measures and lays out all […]

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Chicken schnitzel, sweet potato gravy & flatbread

Maple Sweet Potato Gravy with chicken SChnitzel and Flatbread. My attempt to make chicken and waffles failed. We used an ancient waffle maker and it was a disaster. That’s why I turned around and bought this awesome waffle machine after my meal was done. (Note: this recipe was made over a month ago and since […]

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Paleo burritos & perfectionism

ARE YOU A PERFECTIONIST? Attitude is just as important as ingredients in cooking. After all, we bring our personality to everything we do. And food is extremely emotional,  associated with memories, comfort and social bonds. You can make cooking a chore or use it as a vehicle to heal and grow. Perfectionism can drive us […]

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Paleo heaven at the Ancestral Health Summit

I’ve never attended a large scale Paleo gathering until last week’s the Ancestral Health Symposium at U.C. Berkeley. The purpose was to foster community, learn about the latest dietary and health info and celebrate grain-free food! I did all three and relive the highlight below. Community It was amazing to be surrounded by people as […]

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