Butternut squash soup with apple and sage

Want weekly grain free recipe ideas? Subscribe to my newsletter.This delicious and comforting soup is the marriage of seasonal fall produce, savory herbs and meat and gut healing bone broth. The unusual combination of sweet apple, butternut squash, bacon and sage satisfies cravings for sweet and salty. The ingredients are so flavorful it doesn’t need […]

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Persimmon cranberry sauce/jelly

When you are in the midst of making many dishes for Thanksgiving it’s tempting to buy cranberry sauce or jelly from a can. It’s not the healthiest option. Canned cranberry sauce is made with refined sugar and thickened with commercial thickeners. The big secret is that cranberry sauce can be made in about 15 minutes. […]

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Crab cakes from Paleo Mediterrenean cooking

The cover of Mediterrenean Paleo Cooking is as blue as the Mediterranean waters and shows a succulent chicken tajine dish in a clay pot, like something you’d eat at an exotic Algerian restaurant while traveling. Some of these dishes come directly from the upbringing of Algerian chef Nabil Boumrar, who includes family recipes in these […]

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2 minute Banana “oatmeal”

Oatmeal is one of those comforting and easy comfort breakfasts that people tend to miss on the Paleo diet. The best way to give up something you really like is to substitute it for something you like just as much. This sweet, creamy, grain-free version of oatmeal can be prepped in a couple of minutes […]

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Easy Paleo pumpkin pie

Whipping up a Paleo pumpkin pie may daunting because of the grain-free crust. That is why I love this quick and easy recipe for pumpkin pie that uses seasonal produce for the crust. It’s totally nut and dairy-free and unbelievably delicious and fun. The 2 minute”crust” made from baked apples adds so much flavor and […]

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2 ingredient Coconut Almond Milk

In an ongoing attempt to reduce dairy in my diet I’ve been buying almond milk lately. But the kind they sell in most stores has undesirable stuff like sugar or preservatives and even the organic stuff has carrageenan added. I’ve also found high quality almond milk freshly made with nothing but almonds and water but […]

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Paleo pumpkin macaroon (pumpkaroon)

The pumpkaroon started as a dessert experiment for dinner guests. This was the third time that week that we had company over for dinner so I was tired of cooking. Yes, it happens even to me. So I needed to make a quick and effortless dessert that required no baking and no fuss. Raw macaroons […]

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