An Eastern European Veggie Soup I was never a fan of soup growing up. Especially not the two main soups in my native Russian/Ukrainian cuisine. There was a brothy chicken soup,which I couldn’t stand and there was Borscht, a colorful beet, potato and cabbage soup eaten with generous amounts of dill. Borscht (pronounced with a […]

Paleo Egg Mcmuffin

Paleo fast food? Not exactly. While this may look suspiciously like an Egg Mcmuffin, it’s a gazillion times healthier. The bun is made from cashews, tapioca and coconut flour and the eggs and bacon are both pastured.  And it’s topped with super thin slices of goat’s milk Parmesan cheese. Yes, you can eat your egg […]

Apple “carpaccio” sandwiches

An elegant fruit dessert This recipe was inspired by the apple and sunflower seed butter “sandwich” below. But my husband took my simple idea to a whole new level of taste. While almost all the ingredients were the same, it showed that the way you prepare the ingredients makes all the difference. My husband took […]

Tortilla Espanola (Potato Fritatta)

You can call it a potato frittata, but it’s one of the most popular dishes in Spain: THe Tortilla Espanola. Over a decade ago when I lived in Spain I learned how to make this traditional national dish. I was disappointed in the restaurant food in the Southern Spanish town of Granada, where I lived […]

The world’s healthiest hamburger

Grill up some health food with the world’s healthiest hamburger Who says BBQ food has to be unhealthy? As we kick off the first barbeque holiday of the year this Memorial day, consider constructing the world’s healthiest hamburger. 1) It starts with good quality grass fed (and grass finished) meat! This beef is full of […]


Tzatziki is a simple yogurt dip with fresh flavors Condiments are tricky on the Paleo diet. Most things you buy are filled with sugar, chemicals or soy. Making your own ketchup or mayo is slightly labor intensive and requires special ingredients. But this tasty yogurt dip takes little effort to make. It naturally comes with […]

No bake Paleo “bread” solutions

Going Bread-Free is shocking to some people That’s because they don’t know about creative ways to substitute veggies for bread. They can still enjoy their favorite sandwich fillings and dips without eating grains. No baking involved. Veggies can be a great substitute for chips, buns and toast. Here’s just a few. Avocado filled seafood and […]

Creamed spinach

it might be a hard sell to call creamed spinach sexy. It doesn’t even photograph well. But it can be really comforting and heavenly when prepared well. And it’s a health bomb of a dish that’s easy to make and can be served in a variety of flavors. Creaming the spinach makes it extremely easy […]

Paleo pizza calzone

Mama mia, you’ve gotta make one of these pizza calzones! I’m not going to say that this was easy to make. There was nothing complicated about it, but the dough did take a while to make and it took me 45 minutes to make three of these. But it was worth every minute of effort […]

Mexican salad and fondue

FRESH FLAVORS AND BOLD SPICES I’m not usually much of a holiday recipe person. But since I love the fresh flavors and bold spices of Mexican food so much, I decided to post not one but two recipes for Cinco De Mayo. One of the recipes is naughty and the other is nice. Translation: one […]