Easy Paleo pumpkin pie

Whipping up a Paleo pumpkin pie may daunting because of the grain-free crust. That is why I love this quick and easy recipe for pumpkin pie that uses seasonal produce for the crust. It’s totally nut and dairy-free and unbelievably delicious and fun. The 2 minute”crust” made from baked apples adds so much flavor and […]

2 ingredient Coconut Almond Milk

In an ongoing attempt to reduce dairy in my diet I’ve been buying almond milk lately. But the kind they sell in most stores has undesirable stuff like sugar or preservatives and even the organic stuff has carrageenan added. I’ve also found high quality almond milk freshly made with nothing but almonds and water but […]

Paleo pumpkin macaroon (pumpkaroon)

The pumpkaroon started as a dessert experiment for dinner guests. This was the third time that week that we had company over for dinner so I was tired of cooking. Yes, it happens even to me. So I needed to make a quick and effortless dessert that required no baking and no fuss. Raw macaroons […]

7 tips on cooking with no recipe

No secret I love to cook. But it wasn’t always like this. 10 years ago I didn’t like being in the kitchen. I preferred restaurant food, take out or prepared food from super markets because they were fast, easy and tasty. Nine years ago, learning to cook became necessary to heal myself from IBS (Irritable […]

Plantain crust cashew cream pie

My pie obsession has hit a new level of easy and healthy. I bring you plantain crust pie held together with nothing but fried plantains and grass fed gelatin. Not only is it tasty and good for your gut (because of the gelatin), it’s also pretty sturdy and held up well under the cashew cream […]

Pumpkin bread pudding bars

I tried to resist all last month, but in October, resistance to pumpkin season is futile. Giving in means enjoying Thai Pumpkin curry, pumpkin pie baked into an apple shell and my new favorite, pumpkin bread pudding bars. What gave this pumpkin bread a bread pudding-like texture (minus the bread of course) is doubling the […]

Mini apple honey cakes

Honey cake is traditionally served on Jewish New Year. It’s made with wheat flour and sweetened with sugar and honey. I challenged myself to make a Paleo version. It’s not hard to do this. The trick is to replace wheat flour with a one to one ratio of blanched almond flour. Of course I made […]

Fig & coconut dessert “sushi”

Sushi has always been my favorite thing to eat. And it inspired this unique dessert. I know that raw fish isn’t everyone’s speed but this raw dessert is much less controversial. It’s Paleo and vegan. You can even serve it to a raw foodist. After eating sushi I always want dessert, but the desserts served […]