Cauliflower fried rice, sushi and fritters

Cauliflower: One OF PALEO’S Most VErsATILE VEGGIES Not only is cauliflower good for you, it’s also the rice replacement of the Paleo world. If you’ve never had Cauliflower fried rice you’re missing out on some serious deliciousness. But that’s not all. Once riced (I’ll show you how below) cauliflower also makes an amazing base for […]

My one year Paleo anniversary

A year ago, I made the transition back to Paleo after taking a 7 year break. More than 8 years ago, I was on the Paleo diet before it became popular. I didn’t even know what it was called. All I knew is this miracle diet gave me my life and health back after years […]

Sausage crackers

A new way to serve appetizers If you don’t have time or energy to bake Paleo crackers or you’re bored of raw veggies, serving dips on the Paleo diet can be tough. But I have a creative and flavorful solution for you. Dehydrated sausage crackers! Simply buy pepperoni-shaped sausage slices, stick them in the oven […]

Coconut cream soda

A creamy and satisfying replacement for soda pop My husband came up with this idea drink. After happily embracing the Paleo lifestyle when it helped him heal his leaky gut, he relies on his creativity to satisfy his craving for sweet snacks and beverages. He makes the most amazing drinks when there is nothing but […]

Stuffed peppers 3 ways

Pick your pepper stuffing I like to give people many options for preparing the same type of foods. My intention is to break the trance of following the rules exactly in cooking. Yes, in baking you have to be exact, but when you’re cooking you have a lot of liberties to experiment. That’s why this […]

Paleo bread recipes

Finding the perfect Paleo bread It’s ironic that I began to bake after going Paleo! In fact, I bought my first hand mixer recently just so I can make Paleo bread. Back when I was eating a standard American diet, I’d never considered baking my own bread. It seem complicated and time consuming, when I […]

Cookie in a jar

ThIS cookie in a jar is one of my favorite desserts when I’m feeling lazy. It requires no baking, is forgiving with measurements (unlike baking) and can be whipped up with a fork and ready to serve in minutes. The hardest part is melting the butter or coconut oil. But if the laziness is extreme, […]

Butternut squash shepherd’s pie (and 3 more recipes)

This is MY love note to Butternut squash. There’s a perception that the Paleo diet is all about meat. For me, it’s about the veggies. I eat more veggies now than I did before I went Paleo. I’ve replaced the carbs from grains with carbs from veggies. It’s a smart swap. Veggies may seem boring […]

Breakfast skewers

BreakFAST Skewers are A unique and playful way to serve breakfast. One of the most common question people ask when transitioning to a Paleo diet is “what do I eat for breakfast?” Breakfast is traditionally a carb heavy meal, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, starting the day with a protein breakfast will […]

Paleo cauliflower pizza

Paleo cauliflower pizza Pizza is my favorite guilty indulgence. I like the crust, but it’s always been about the sauce, cheese and toppings for me. This isn’t a unique concept, but you can use cauliflower, eggs and cheese to create a grain-free pizza crust worthy of the toppings. I call this the guilt-free pizza. Because […]