Coconut cashew ice cream

Dairy is one of my favorite food groups. I could live on it. Diary is a controversial food in the Paleo community. Many people don’t tolerate it and some claim it’s mucus forming and causes weight gain. In an effort to eat less dairy I’ve been making my own nut milks. It’s easy and fun […]

Matcha Mate Almond Latte

One of my dietary New Year’s resolutions is to stop drinking coffee. I’m convinced it will help me sleep better and give my adrenals a break. Everyone who loves coffee knows how hard it is to give up but the trick is to replace it with something equally as compelling. After lots of kitchen experimentation […]

2 ingredient Coconut Almond Milk

In an ongoing attempt to reduce dairy in my diet I’ve been buying almond milk lately. But the kind they sell in most stores has undesirable stuff like sugar or preservatives and even the organic stuff has carrageenan added. I’ve also found high quality almond milk freshly made with nothing but almonds and water but […]

Paleo drinks

Paleo Drinks that delight & refresh without added sugar If you’ve been following a Paleo lifestyle and reading food labels you may have noticed that most commercial beverages are loaded with sugar. Even juice is off limits because of the high sugar content. So what the heck do you drink? Especially in the summer months […]

Coconut cream soda

A creamy and satisfying replacement for soda pop My husband came up with this idea drink. After happily embracing the Paleo lifestyle when it helped him heal his leaky gut, he relies on his creativity to satisfy his craving for sweet snacks and beverages. He makes the most amazing drinks when there is nothing but […]