Coconut trailmix cups

A very filling treat that’s sure to satisfy. Coconut oil is a healthy, celebrated saturated fat among vegans and Paleo folks alike. For one thing, eating fat helps keep sugar cravings at bay. I created these coconut trail mix treats because I thought they would be mega tasty, but in retrospect, these are awesome treats […]

Sloppy Joe

This recipe was adapted from the Paleo comfort foods website. You can find the original recipe for Paleo sloppy joe here. I always make my own tweaks to any recipe. My tweaks were adding less honey, leaving out the  liquid smoke (never heard of such a thing), and using cayenne pepper and chopped fresh jalapeno […]

Sweet potato “fries”

These are baked, not fried so maybe we should call them sweet potato “bakes” I love french fries and I wouldn’t feel so guilty eating them if they weren’t deep fried in inflammatory oil. Whenever I’m craving fries I satiate the urge with my healthy version. I make this with organic white potatoes or  sweet […]

No bake Paleo “UnOreos”

Banana Coconut carob treats These treats are called “unoreos” because they resemble Oreos only vaguely in appearance. But unlike real Oreos, you can feel good about feeding yourself and your kids these easy, no bake treats that need no added sweetener. I was inspired to make these after receiving some high quality organic coconut oil […]

Paleo “spaghetti” and meatballs

Who needs pasta with these flavors? If you think about it, pasta doesn’t have much flavor. Rather, it’s just a blank canvas that holds the bold, acidic, umami flavors of marinara sauce. The star of a spaghetti and meatball dish is the meat and the sauce after all, so swapping out pasta for some nutritious […]

Paleo Thai curry

Sweet potato curry in a hurry Curry is a staple in my kitchen because it can be made quickly, easily and always hits the spot. When I’m tired or not feeling creative this is one of my go-to meals. And I keep it from getting boring by switching up the veggies and protein in the […]

High protein muffins

A great travel food It’s much easier to eat well when I’m home in my usual routine. But out in the world, healthy choices become scarce, especially when flying. Airport food is terrible, unhealthy and expensive. Airplane food is limited to processed snacks or gluten-full sandwiches. That’s why when I travel I equip myself with […]

Probiotic apple chia fruit leather

A SUPer HEALTHY on the go snack This fruit leather is as healthy as it is tasty. I got the idea from my neighbor who brought over a version of this treat made with non fermented apple sauce. It was beyond delicious, the sweetness, the crunch with a touch of savory from the olive oil. […]