Scotch eggs and failure

The kitchen is a magical place that brings out the best of my creativity. It’s a place of entertainment and experimentation, where my inner critic and self doubt aren’t welcome. The rest of my life is not like this. I have lots of fear of failure so it’s harder to take risks. Fear of failure […]

7 tips on cooking with no recipe

No secret I love to cook. But it wasn’t always like this. 10 years ago I didn’t like being in the kitchen. I preferred restaurant food, take out or prepared food from super markets because they were fast, easy and tasty. Nine years ago, learning to cook became necessary to heal myself from IBS (Irritable […]

Sardine salad dressing

You might have heard how good sardines are for you. But you still can’t bring yourself to try them. Or you love sardines and are looking for more ways to indulge in this nutrient dense food. I’ve got you covered with my latest recipe. Why not turn sardines into a flavorful salad dressing that somewhat […]

Shrimp dumpling recipe

The Paleo Mom (Sarah Ballantyne) never fails to impress. She’s a science brainiac, a Paleo and health educator and a genius in the kitchen. Sarah specializes in Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) cuisine, a protocol used to heal food allergies and leaky gut and manage autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, Chron’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Aside from the […]

Tuna poke & cauliflower rice

Yesterday (September 22) was the first day of fall, but the Internet has been flooding with pumpkin recipes for several weeks. The stores are already stocking Halloween candy and putting up Halloween decorations. San Francisco is having its typical Indian summer, so I can’t get into the fall mood just yet. I am enjoying lighter […]

Easy Paleo egg rolls

What Kelly Bejelly¬† (from A Girl Worth Saving) doesn’t know, is that I’ve followed her popular blog and enjoyed her comfort food recipes before we met this summer at a Paleo conference. She’s genius at taking non Paleo comfort foods and creating healthier Paleo versions. I made her cinnamon rolls for my husband’s birthday recently […]

Paleo falafel

Who NEEDS CHICKPEAS? CaULIFLOWER and NUT FalAFel Falafel is a middle eastern food made from deep fried chickpeas. The best falafel I ever had was many years ago in Israel. I made my first attempt at Paleo falafel while my husband was on a two week trip to Israel, visiting family. While he ate his […]

Eggplant caviar & Russian babaganoush

Don’t WORRY Eggplant caviar IS fish eggs FREE I assume this eggplant dish gets it’s name from the tiny eggplant seeds that look caviar. It’s a very popular Russian/Ukrainian appetizer served on special occasions. It was one my favorite things about attending family gatherings as a kid. I didn’t make this dish because there was […]

Paleo fried calamari

Recreating a healthy version of Fried Calamari at home. My favorite 5 non Paleo foods are Caesars salad, hamburgers, fries, pizza and fried calamari. I’ve played with paleo-izing pizza here. I’ve made my own unfried fries here. My homemade burgers have been served with both Paleo buns and veggie buns. And I’ve even made my […]

Sausage crackers

A new way to serve appetizers If you don’t have time or energy to bake Paleo crackers or you’re bored of raw veggies, serving dips on the Paleo diet can be tough. But I have a creative and flavorful solution for you. Dehydrated sausage crackers! Simply buy pepperoni-shaped sausage slices, stick them in the oven […]