Green bean “pasta” with lamb marinara

Pasta is one of the most missed comfort foods on the Paleo diet.  If you miss something then substitute it with something yummy to smooth the transition. Paleo style is to substitute sugar-bomb noodles with healthier carbs, veggies. Spaghetti squash and spiralized zucchini noodles are popular substitutions. But you can also make noodles from sweet […]

Butternut squash ice cream

For years I couldn’t follow recipes, so I never used cookbooks. So I taught myself to cook, 10 years ago, through improvisation. I didn’t even know I was following the Paleo diet too heal my IBS, I thought it was a magical diet my dietician came up with. Because of my experimental nature I was […]

12 uses for broccoli slaw

Veggie innovation I have a confession. I’m not a fan of chopping veggies. Some people  it meditative, but for me it feels like grunt work. It’s ideal to buy whole veggies and chop them yourself, but since we don’t live in an ideal world, I buy shredded cabbage and broccoli slaw pre cut. If  you […]

Zucchini & nut “cheese” lasagna

Lasagna made with zucchini and NUTS: a dairy-free dish  That you can add dairy to I love it when Paleo dishes and vegan dishes intersect. You can serve this dish to serve to Paleo peeps and vegans/vegetarian alike with a little tweaking (just leave out the optional dairy and bacon). Because my vegan days are […]

Paleo falafel

Who NEEDS CHICKPEAS? CaULIFLOWER and NUT FalAFel Falafel is a middle eastern food made from deep fried chickpeas. The best falafel I ever had was many years ago in Israel. I made my first attempt at Paleo falafel while my husband was on a two week trip to Israel, visiting family. While he ate his […]

Eggplant caviar & Russian babaganoush

Don’t WORRY Eggplant caviar IS fish eggs FREE I assume this eggplant dish gets it’s name from the tiny eggplant seeds that look caviar. It’s a very popular Russian/Ukrainian appetizer served on special occasions. It was one my favorite things about attending family gatherings as a kid. I didn’t make this dish because there was […]

Shishito pepper salsa

A mild Shishito pepper condiment FOR tonS of flavor & mild spice. This salsa started with the intention to make sriracha, a spicy tangy Vietnamese condiment I put on everything. Most sriracha is made chemicals in the ingredients list. No thank you.  I found an organic brand I like, but it still has sugar in […]

Paleo oxtail empanadas

You can have your Paleo empanada and eat it too! As you may have noticed I’ve been playing around with yuca lately. What makes yuca so compelling is it’s ability to make and bake into a perfect dough. This revelation has me experimenting with making Paleo versions of my favorite non Paleo dishes. Empanadas are […]

Butternut squash mac n cheese (dairy optional)

A dairy and pasta-free alternative to mac n cheese Imagine if you or your kids could have a mac n cheese experience while still getting a double serving of veggies? My version of mac and cheese replaces elbow pasta with broccoli slaw and the “cheese” sauce is made from butternut squash, onions, Pancetta (Italian bacon) […]

Zucchini boats and 5 more zucchini recipes

Zucchini boats and More If you think versatility is sexy then meet my friend the zucchini. You might have been set up on a blind date with zucchini when it came in your weekly veggie box delivery and weren’t sure what to do with it. Or you’re in a zucchini rut serving them the same […]