Sardine salad dressing

You might have heard how good sardines are for you. But you still can’t bring yourself to try them. Or you love sardines and are looking for more ways to indulge in this nutrient dense food. I’ve got you covered with my latest recipe. Why not turn sardines into a flavorful salad dressing that somewhat […]

Hemp seed butter cookies

The super chewy and soft texture of these cookies are amazing thanks to the oiliness of the hemp seed butter. If you can’t find hemp seed butter locally, you can buy some here. Or if you can get the same texture by substituting tahini. Of course it will have a different taste, but it will […]

Shrimp dumpling recipe

The Paleo Mom (Sarah Ballantyne) never fails to impress. She’s a science brainiac, a Paleo and health educator and a genius in the kitchen. Sarah specializes in Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) cuisine, a protocol used to heal food allergies and leaky gut and manage autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, Chron’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Aside from the […]

Tuna poke & cauliflower rice

Yesterday (September 22) was the first day of fall, but the Internet has been flooding with pumpkin recipes for several weeks. The stores are already stocking Halloween candy and putting up Halloween decorations. San Francisco is having its typical Indian summer, so I can’t get into the fall mood just yet. I am enjoying lighter […]

Paleo ambrosia salad

I was a little worried I’d be judged for posting this recipe because it wasn’t Paleo enough. That’s why I’ve included some Paleo modifications. I understand the impulse to judge what others are eating. I just returned from a camping trip where I saw friends feeding their kids pop tarts and coffee cake for breakfast. […]

Easy Paleo egg rolls

What Kelly Bejelly  (from A Girl Worth Saving) doesn’t know, is that I’ve followed her popular blog and enjoyed her comfort food recipes before we met this summer at a Paleo conference. She’s genius at taking non Paleo comfort foods and creating healthier Paleo versions. I made her cinnamon rolls for my husband’s birthday recently […]

Paleo dog food recipe & natural health tips

Today, September 15, is my dog Mishka’s birthday. He’s 7,  but you’d never know he’s middle aged because he has the energy of a puppy. Just like I used the Paleo diet to heal my sensitive digestive system, I also used it to heal him. Mishka came from the breeder with a recurrent yeast infection […]

Banana maple cashew granola

Oats are a gluten-free grain that everyone thinks is healthy. But if you’re Paleo, you know better.  Grains (with possibly the exception of white rice) are not our friends. Besides you don’t need oats to make amazing granola. Shredded coconut, sunflower seeds, nut butter and dried fruit make an impressive granola. You won’t miss the […]

Savory plantain pie and plantain “sundae”

Playing with sweet and starchy plantains Plantain is a starchy fruit that reminds me of a veggie. Most people describe it as a cross between a banana and a potato. If you haven’t ever tried plantain you might have walked right by it in the store, assuming it was an over sized and over ripe […]