Oxtail hash

Oxtail is amazingly versatile but for the longest time I didn’t know what to do with this curious cut of boney meat. So I bought it as a chew toy for my tiny dogs because they were the perfect size for them. Eventually, I wised up and started using these bones to make bone broth. […]

Paleo tortilla bowls

I have a confession. Before returning to Paleo 3 years ago (after a 6 year hiatus), I would eat quesadillas for lunch everyday. I was working on a huge project that consumed all my time and energy and cooking myself lunch was not a priority. So I settled for easy. It also happened that quesadillas […]

64 degree egg

If you like your eggs served a bit runny you’re going to be just as obsessed with the 64 degree egg as I am. I discovered the idea at a local restaurant. The eggs had a creamy consistency like custard, and unlike a fried egg, the whites were as soft and creamy as the yolks. […]