Curried coconut cauliflower soup VIDEO premier

Want a bird’s eye view of HoW I COOk? I used to hate any kind of broth and most soups. The only ones soups I could eat were made with fatty cream or cheese. A lot has changed. I am dairy free these days and I am starting to really like soups. It is the […]

Flourless cashew cookies

Cashew Curious I’ve been curious if cookies baked out nothing but nut butter and eggs would stick together and come out like cookies. So I finally put it to the test. I usually like to make up my own unique creations, but I also sometimes enjoy participating in a grain-free experiment. This was one of […]

Cabbage rolls

Sometimes life is ironic. I’m Ukrainian and grew up eating these cabbage rolls. However, no one ever taught me how to make them, old school style. So when I got the hankering for some Ukrainian comfort food I consulted my favorite cooking teacher. Mr. Google. The first Paleo recipe that came up was this one from […]

Plantain “lasagna”

Can you still call it “plantain lasagna” if it’s cheese and pasta-free? My husband always gives me a hard time when I misname dishes. You see, this plantain lasagna dish resembles lasagna only because it layers meat, tomato sauce and starch like traditional lasagna does. But the similarities stop there. As my husband points out, […]

Banana “Almond Joy”

“When you make a mistake WHILE cooking you can end up with something even better.” This started out as banana macaroons. I had made a batch earlier following this recipe by Empowered Sustenance. But when I was making the next batch, I only had one banana instead of the two the recipe calls for. And […]

Yogurt cheese, probiotic applesauce & fermented carrots

Welcome to my fermentation lab Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to make your own yogurt-style cheese and then use the bi-products to lactoferment fruits and veggies. Yogurt cheese Yogurt cheese is similar to Greek yogurt but with an even thicker and richer consistency. It is absolutely delicious and a great […]

Sweet potato soup

I call this dish sweet potato soup but my husband calls it dessert soup. The carrots and sweet potatoes definitely lend a sweetness to this soup but it is also balanced by garlic, fatty duck broth and duck meat. This soup is extremely creamy without a drop of dairy or coconut milk. The secret is […]

Paleo carrot cake

With COCONUT YoGUrt frosting I’ve wanted to bake a Paleo carrot cake for a while. I’ve always been a carrot cake fan and knew it would be delicious. Grating the carrots seemed to be a chore so I procrastinated a bit, until I saw a bag of pre-shredded carrot slaw in the store. I decided […]

Cherry pork loaf

Don’t be afraid to mix your salad and your dessert into your main course. This juicy creation boasts vitamins and fiber from the addition of cherries, sweet potato puree and arugula. Adding fruit and veggies to ground meat will produce a juicer dish with complex flavors and more nutrition. In addition to the cherries inside […]