Sriracha cole slaw with homemade mayo

Spicy Napa cabbage coleslaw: a new SPIN on A CLASSIC SALAD Mayonnaise was the last non-Paleo food I gave up when transitioning back to Paleo. Before that I ate Vegenaise made with grapeseed oil because I thought it was healthy. Then I discovered that even grapeseed oil was inflammatory. This blew my mind. I knew […]

Pizza egg bake

Italian-style eggs with Tuna I love easy egg dishes, but they can get boring. That’s why when I came across this Italian-style dish in the 2010 Food and Wine Cookbook,  I was excited to try it. Until this past year, I had never used cookbooks. This one was a gift that sat languishing on my […]

Paleo yuca bread

Have you tried yuca or cassava? Yuca (also called cassava) is similar in color, taste and texture to the potato, but is thinner and has a hard, dark brown peel. It’s as popular in Latin America as the potato is in the U.S. I’ve eaten thick-cut yuca fries at my favorite Peruvian restaurant. Yum.  Then […]

Two no-bake pie crust ideas

Coconut butter pie crust I’ve been wanting to make Paleo pie lately but been imagining the difficulty of working with and rolling out grain-free crust. Then I had the idea for two unusual and super easy solutions. Coconut butter and coconut crepe wraps! This is the coconut butter version below. One of my favorite Paleo […]

Paleo drinks

Paleo Drinks that delight & refresh without added sugar If you’ve been following a Paleo lifestyle and reading food labels you may have noticed that most commercial beverages are loaded with sugar. Even juice is off limits because of the high sugar content. So what the heck do you drink? Especially in the summer months […]

Paleo fried calamari

Recreating a healthy version of Fried Calamari at home. My favorite 5 non Paleo foods are Caesars salad, hamburgers, fries, pizza and fried calamari. I’ve played with paleo-izing pizza here. I’ve made my own unfried fries here. My homemade burgers have been served with both Paleo buns and veggie buns. And I’ve even made my […]

Oxtail & romaine stir fry

Stir-fried lettuce?? I would have never thought to stir fry lettuce until years ago, on a camping trip, my friend Eric made some sauteed ice berg lettuce over the camp fire in a large pan. It’s true that food seems to taste better when camping, but I was impressed with this lettuce dish. Despite how […]

Thai-spiced pork chili with cauliflower rice

Thai pork chili I have always loved fusion food. When two traditional cuisines blend together into a new combination, I’m in heaven. When I lived in New York city 15 years ago, I was enamored with a Chinese-Cuban fusion restaurant in my neighborhood. I wasn’t the only New Yorker who was gaga over the fried […]

How to make the perfect (sushi) omelette

The Art of OMeLette Making I don’t like following rules when I cook. I like to create my own recipes and make up my own rules. But if you want to make a perfect, fluffy, restaurant-quality omelette there are a few simple rules that need to be followed. I used to dislike omelettes because they […]