How to make the perfect (sushi) omelette

The Art of OMeLette Making

I don’t like following rules when I cook. I like to create my own recipes and make up my own rules. But if you want to make a perfect, fluffy, restaurant-quality omelette there are a few simple rules that need to be followed.

I used to dislike omelettes because they were always overcooked. But cooking it the right amount of time makes all the difference.

Rule #1: You must add liquid to the scrambled egg mixture to create that fluffy texture. The rule of thumb is to add 1 Tablespoon of water or cream/milk for each egg used. Surprisingly, water works just as well as cream for making the perfect omlette.

Rule #2: Scramble the eggs well with a whisk until slightly frothy. Since I couldn’t find my whisk, I used a fork and mixed very well. It can be a great multi-minute work out.

Rule #3: Don’t overcook. This is the most important of the rules and the one that is most often broken. You should stop cooking the eggs before they have completely solidified. It works best if you turn off the heat and fold your omelette while the top layer is still a bit runny and the bottom is solid.

The result in a fluffy omelette with a delicate texture. Your creativity can be used to think up fun fillings for the omelette.

Like my recent creation….the sushi omelette, made with smoked salmon and topped with tobiko (fish caviar from Japan).

Sushi Omelette


Ingredients for sushi omelette (makes 2 SERVInGS)

3 large eggs (I used duck eggs)

3 Tablespoons of water

1 tsp of salt and red pepper

A few slices of avocado

Optional: Shredded sushi nori (the seaweed used to wrap sushi) for the filing and sushi caviar like tobiko or masago for garnishing. And if you have any wasabi or pickled ginger, bring it on.

Optional: Greek yogurt for garnishing

How to

Scramble the eggs,  add water and mix well till eggs are frothy.

Pour half the mixture on a hot skillet or pan with cooking fat of choice.

When the omelette is half done cooking, put the fillings (smoked salmon and shredded sushi nori) on one half of the omelette.

Cook until top layer is slightly wet.

Fold over and turn off heat.

Let it sit for a minute and transfer to a plate. The inside layer will cook through as the omelette rests.

Garnish with fish caviar, avocado, yogurt, and/or picked ginger/wasabi.

Mushroom Omelette

mushroom omellete

You don’t need to put unconventional ingredients in your omelette like I do. Mushroom omelettes are as classic as they are delicious. Simply saute your favorite chopped mushrooms with onion in your favorite cooking fat. Add a sprinkle of salt and cumin.

Shred you favorite cheese or saute your favorite veggies and add to the omelette (along with the mushrooms) in the last few minutes of cooking.

Enjoy your fancy egg pocket perfection!

Filling for mushroom omelette

Sauteed mushrooms with onion

Shredded cheese or chopped veggies of choice

1 tsp of salt and cumin


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