Cauliflower rice pudding and other veggie desserts

Cauliflower rice pudding You may know that cauliflower is the Paleo replacement for rice. I’ve made lots of savory Paleo dishes with cauliflower rice like stirfries, sushi, curry and pizza. But one of my favorite non Paleo desserts is rice pudding. If you think like me then you too would try to make dessert out of […]

Creamed spinach

it might be a hard sell to call creamed spinach sexy. It doesn’t even photograph well. But it can be really comforting and heavenly when prepared well. And it’s a health bomb of a dish that’s easy to make and can be served in a variety of flavors. Creaming the spinach makes it extremely easy […]

Cauliflower fried rice, sushi and fritters

Cauliflower: One OF PALEO’S Most VErsATILE VEGGIES Not only is cauliflower good for you, it’s also the rice replacement of the Paleo world. If you’ve never had Cauliflower fried rice you’re missing out on some serious deliciousness. But that’s not all. Once riced (I’ll show you how below) cauliflower also makes an amazing base for […]