7 tips on cooking with no recipe

No secret I love to cook. But it wasn’t always like this. 10 years ago I didn’t like being in the kitchen. I preferred restaurant food, take out or prepared food from super markets because they were fast, easy and tasty. Nine years ago, learning to cook became necessary to heal myself from IBS (Irritable […]

Pumpkin bread pudding bars

I tried to resist all last month, but in October, resistance to pumpkin season is futile. Giving in means enjoying Thai Pumpkin curry, pumpkin pie baked into an apple shell and my new favorite, pumpkin bread pudding bars. What gave this pumpkin bread a bread pudding-like texture (minus the bread of course) is doubling the […]

Mini apple honey cakes

Honey cake is traditionally served on Jewish New Year. It’s made with wheat flour and sweetened with sugar and honey. I challenged myself to make a Paleo version. It’s not hard to do this. The trick is to replace wheat flour with a one to one ratio of blanched almond flour. Of course I made […]

Hemp seed butter cookies

The super chewy and soft texture of these cookies are amazing thanks to the oiliness of the hemp seed butter. If you can’t find hemp seed butter locally, you can buy some here. Or if you can get the same texture by substituting tahini. Of course it will have a different taste, but it will […]

Zenbellly cookbook review and easy biscuit recipe

Despite my love of cooking and the Paleo diet, I don’t usually buy Paleo cookbooks. I’m not that great at following the instructions in recipes. Ironic, I know. However, sometimes a cookbook comes along that’s hard to resist, like Simone Miller’s Zenbelly Cookbook. What makes Simone’s recipes so Zen? She measures and lays out all […]

12 uses for broccoli slaw

Veggie innovation I have a confession. I’m not a fan of chopping veggies. Some people  it meditative, but for me it feels like grunt work. It’s ideal to buy whole veggies and chop them yourself, but since we don’t live in an ideal world, I buy shredded cabbage and broccoli slaw pre cut. If  you […]

Sweet potato and lamb pie (& meatza pie bonus recipe)

A savory meat and Potato pie with a top crust I’ve been in a pie making mood lately. So I invested in a glass pie dish to make it official. Now it can be pie o’clock any time. I started my pie adventures with savory pies. A while back I made a “meatza pie” with […]

Paleo focaccia

My favorite type of bread has always been focaccia. AND My Paleo Version Was PURE Accident. Foccacia is a fluffy Italian bread, thicker than pizza dough but similar in taste and texture. It is typically made with high-gluten flour, oil, water, salt and yeast and flavored with fresh herbs like rosemary (bake in or sprinkled […]

Paleo yuca bread

Have you tried yuca or cassava? Yuca (also called cassava) is similar in color, taste and texture to the potato, but is thinner and has a hard, dark brown peel. It’s as popular in Latin America as the potato is in the U.S. I’ve eaten thick-cut yuca fries at my favorite Peruvian restaurant. Yum.  Then […]

Paleo Egg Mcmuffin

Paleo fast food? Not exactly. While this may look suspiciously like an Egg Mcmuffin, it’s a gazillion times healthier. The bun is made from cashews, tapioca and coconut flour and the eggs and bacon are both pastured.  And it’s topped with super thin slices of goat’s milk Parmesan cheese. Yes, you can eat your egg […]