Crab cakes from Paleo Mediterrenean cooking

The cover of Mediterrenean Paleo Cooking is as blue as the Mediterranean waters and shows a succulent chicken tajine dish in a clay pot, like something you’d eat at an exotic Algerian restaurant while traveling. Some of these dishes come directly from the upbringing of Algerian chef Nabil Boumrar, who includes family recipes in these […]

7 tips on cooking with no recipe

No secret I love to cook. But it wasn’t always like this. 10 years ago I didn’t like being in the kitchen. I preferred restaurant food, take out or prepared food from super markets because they were fast, easy and tasty. Nine years ago, learning to cook became necessary to heal myself from IBS (Irritable […]

Sardine salad dressing

You might have heard how good sardines are for you. But you still can’t bring yourself to try them. Or you love sardines and are looking for more ways to indulge in this nutrient dense food. I’ve got you covered with my latest recipe. Why not turn sardines into a flavorful salad dressing that somewhat […]

Tuna poke & cauliflower rice

Yesterday (September 22) was the first day of fall, but the Internet has been flooding with pumpkin recipes for several weeks. The stores are already stocking Halloween candy and putting up Halloween decorations. San Francisco is having its typical Indian summer, so I can’t get into the fall mood just yet. I am enjoying lighter […]

Savory plantain pie and plantain “sundae”

Playing with sweet and starchy plantains Plantain is a starchy fruit that reminds me of a veggie. Most people describe it as a cross between a banana and a potato. If you haven’t ever tried plantain you might have walked right by it in the store, assuming it was an over sized and over ripe […]

12 uses for broccoli slaw

Veggie innovation I have a confession. I’m not a fan of chopping veggies. Some people  it meditative, but for me it feels like grunt work. It’s ideal to buy whole veggies and chop them yourself, but since we don’t live in an ideal world, I buy shredded cabbage and broccoli slaw pre cut. If  you […]

Chicken schnitzel, sweet potato gravy & flatbread

Maple Sweet Potato Gravy with chicken SChnitzel and Flatbread. My attempt to make chicken and waffles failed. We used an ancient waffle maker and it was a disaster. That’s why I turned around and bought this awesome waffle machine after my meal was done. (Note: this recipe was made over a month ago and since […]

Paleo burritos & perfectionism

ARE YOU A PERFECTIONIST? Attitude is just as important as ingredients in cooking. After all, we bring our personality to everything we do. And food is extremely emotional,  associated with memories, comfort and social bonds. You can make cooking a chore or use it as a vehicle to heal and grow. Perfectionism can drive us […]

Paleo heaven at the Ancestral Health Summit

I’ve never attended a large scale Paleo gathering until last week’s the Ancestral Health Symposium at U.C. Berkeley. The purpose was to foster community, learn about the latest dietary and health info and celebrate grain-free food! I did all three and relive the highlight below. Community It was amazing to be surrounded by people as […]